Welcome Ceremony

Intention Setting

Dance Alchemy

Transform & Transcend


Balance & Realign

Music Alchemy

Express & Engage

Conscious Dance

Create & Connect

Qi Gong

Release & Recovery

Sound Healing

Relax & Retune

Closing Ceremony

Creative Sharing & Free Dance!        

AlmaAlchemy ~ Wellbeing Event


Join us in London for an enriching and elevating experience!


A day dedicated to workshops in Movement, Music and Mindfulness to support you on a journey towards
becoming the alchemist of your own being.

We invite you to move into your heart, connect with your body, and immerse yourself in an exploration of holistic workshops:
Dance Alchemy, Conscious Dance, Sound Healing, Music Alchemy, Qi Gong and Yoga.

In a safe and supportive environment, you can let go, explore and express the wisdom of your body, and learn
meaningful tools for inner transformation to guide you on the path of health, happiness, self-worth and self-love.

We look forward to seeing you. It’s going to be a magical day!

An alchemist is one who turns everything into love ~ the most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself

Deepak Chopra

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Join us on Sunday 11 November
for an elevating experience!

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