What is AlmaAlchemy?

It’s a community for connection, creativity, expressivity and wellbeing. We host enriching events to share meaningful tools for transformation using Movement, Music and Mindfulness.

Q: Who are you & what do you do?

We are two friends who came together through beautifully synchronistic events. We provide a platform for skilled individuals to share their wisdom and experience by guiding workshops in a range of immersive and healing modalities. We bring people together by providing a safe environment in which they can express and explore freely.

Q: What can a guest expect from an AlmaAlchemy Event?

Expect an engaging, enriching and elevating experience filled with therapeutic dance and music, sound healing, yoga, meditation, mindfulness methods, and much more!

Q: What can a guest take away from an AA event?

We want our guests to leave feeling uplifted and liberated and take away effective and creative techniques to use in their daily lives to help them find inner balance and wholeness; and to transmute, transform, transcend limiting beliefs, harmful thought patterns, and difficult or debilitating emotions.

Q: What is ‘Alchemy’?

The ancient study and practice of Alchemy was an attempt to transform something of no worth into something valuable, a base element into a precious particle, for example: copper into gold.

Q: How does this relate to AlmaAlchemy?

Spiritual Alchemy follows the same premise in terms of personal healing and inner transformation; physically, mentally and emotionally. To turn darkness into light, suffering into growth, confusion into understanding, pain into peace, joy and love. Alma (means ‘soul’ in Spanish) and Alchemy (means ‘process of transmutation’). So combined, you have a concept of transformation at a soul level. Plus, we both love these words and the meaning they hold.

Q: When is the next AlmaAlchemy event?

On 11:11:2018, all day Sunday at LIFT in Angel, London. We warmly welcome you to this event where you can journey towards becoming the Alchemist of your own being. In a safe and supportive space, our workshop guides will invite you to observe and respond to the inner knowledge and wisdom of your body, to quieten the mind and move into your heart, and to explore, engage, express and expand.

We use Movement, Music and Mindfulness methods in meaningful ways to offer tools for personal transmutation. Our workshop guides create an immersive environment for you to let go and deepen the trust and connection to yourself and others. It is our desire to provide tools that can be applied to your own life and spiritual practice to assist you on your own independent path towards wholeness, happiness and self-love.

“An alchemist is one who turns everything into love ~ the most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself”

~Deepak Chopra